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How do I configure a MRV LX-Series device so that I can access its serial ports with TTYredirector?

In the MRV LX Console, click on Async under the Ports section on the left-side of the interface.  A tabbed list of all the ports will appear on the right-hand side.  Choose the port that you wish to access via TTYredirector and make sure the following two settings are in place:
  • Set the Access dropdown to Remote.
  • Uncheck the Autohangup box, if the device attached to the port is not providing a high DSR signal or there is nothing attached at all to it.  (Later, if the device is not operating properly, try disabling this setting.)
The port on the LX will now be accessible from TTYredirector.  To access port 1 of the LX, enter 2100 as the Port Number in TTYredirector, for port 2 use port 2200, for port X use TCP port (2000 + (100 * X)).

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