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  1. questionHow do I move the seat edition of your software to another PC?
    1. Uninstall the software from the old computer. This is done through the Windows Control Panel | Add or Remove programs applet. 2. Install the software on the new computer. You can download the latest version of our software from the Downloads section on our web site. 3. During installatio ...
  2. questionAre your products IPv6 compliant?
    All versions of Microsoft Windows which support IPv6 are "dual stack", meaning they can operate in both IPv6 and IPv4 networks. Tactical Software has successfully tested its product line in a variety of network environments and Windows versions which include both IPv6 and IPv4 addressing. Tactic ...
  3. questionAre Tactical's products supported on VMware?
    Yes, we support VMware as a platform. The Tactical Software redirector can either be installed on the virtual machine, or on the guest machine using the VMware's COM port redirecting to allow its use by a virtual machine.
  4. questionCan I install Tactical Software products without any user intervention?
    Tactical Software products version 4.2 and later use the Microsoft Installer and support unattended installation. See the Tactical Software Technical Notes for information on this feature.
  5. questionCan I use the COM/IP Redirector with a serial device server?
    Yes. The COM/IP Redirector can be used to convert modem-based applications to use serial device servers. This eliminates the need for modems at either end, while preserving modem behavior expected by the application software.
  6. questionCan I use the DialOut/EZ redirector and a modem server for fax applications?
    Yes, if the modems on the server are fax modems that support Class 2 or Class 2.0 fax and you remember to set your PC faxing software accordingly. Class 1 fax modems are too sensitive to data latency to be used reliably with any redirector.
  7. questionCan I use the DialOut/EZ redirector for a dial-in application?
    Our COM ports can be used to receive calls for most applications, but keep in mind that one modem on the server ends up “wired” for use by the listening application that is ready to take the call.
  8. questionCan Terminal Services/Citrix users make outbound PPP connections (such as Dial Up Networking) with the DialOut/EZ Redirector?
    Due to architectural issues with the Windows, you can only make one outbound PPP connection from any Windows machine. This limitation is unrelated to redirector software specifically. For example, only one PPP connection can be made by a computer that has multiple modems in it. When you make ...
  9. questionDo I need to have the same COM port numbers defined in the client redirector and the TacServe software?
    No, they are independent.
  10. questionDo Tactical Software products require a user login to function?
    No. All Tactical Software redirectors are kernel-level device drivers. The TacServe COM Port Server and Tactical Software License Manager run as Windows Services. Consequently, no user needs to be logged in for the products to operate.
  11. questionDo Tactical Software redirectors work with DOS applications running under Windows?
    In most cases, yes. Please refer to the Tactical Software Technical Note that describes the different methods that DOS uses to access COM ports and how Tactical Software redirectors work with them.
  12. questionDo you have a Quick Start Guide for setting up DialOut/EZ?
    The following steps will allow you to quickly get DialOut/EZ running. Consult the DialOut/EZ User Guide if you get stuck on any of the steps below for more detailed installation and configuration information. 0. Make sure that your modem server is configured to share out its modems to a T ...
  13. questionDo you have a Quick Start Guide for setting up Serial/IP?
    The following steps will allow you to quickly get Serial/IP running. Consult the Serial/IP User Guide if you get stuck on any of the steps below for more detailed installation and configuration information. 0. Make sure that your serial server is configured to share out its COM ports to a ...
  14. questionDo your products work with Windows XP Service Pack 2, Vista, 2008 and 7?
    Yes, we have done significant testing and they will work fine with our most recent version. Please note, you may need to alter the Windows Firewall settings to allow inbound communications.
  15. questionHow do I answer calls through your software when using a Cisco router with digital modems?
    Cisco routers with digital modems (Mica, NextPort) are not able to support dial-in back through DialOut/EZ. The Cisco digital modems are not able to answer an incoming call while there is an active reverse telnet session to them. If DialOut/EZ doesn't have a active reverse telnet session to t ...
  16. questionHow do I configure a Patton 29xx RAS server to work with your DialOut/EZ software?
    Page 111 of the Patton Administrator's Reference Guide shows the settings for allowing outbound calls. Make the following changes in the Dial Out window on your Patton server: Set the TCP Port to: 7000 Set the TCP Type to: Telnet Set Restrict to LAN to: Disable Set Login Technique to: None The ...
  17. questionHow do I enable the COM Port Control protocol on Digi TS series devices?
    In the port setup of the Digi TS select "Printer" as the port type. The Port Number entered in Serial/IP will then be (2000 + the TS port number), so Port 1 on the TS can be accessed on TCP port 2001, Port 2 is accessed on TCP port 2002, etc.
  18. questionHow do I upgrade my version 3.x Site Edition to version 4.x?
    Version 3.x DialOut/EZ clients are able to receive licenses from a version 4.x License Manager. This makes the task of upgrading your Site Edition from version 3.x to 4.x simple and non-disruptive. 1. Before you begin Make sure that you have administrator rights on the License Manager machin ...
  19. questionHow should I configure the Windows XP SP2 Firewall when using Tactical Software products?
    The Windows Firewall that is included with XP Service Pack 2 will block all incoming connections by default. Because our redirectors are kernel-level drivers rather than applications, you can not specify them as applications in the Exceptions tab through the Add Program button in the Windows Fi ...
  20. questionI'm trying to install modem drivers on your virtual COM ports and Windows XP/2003/Vista is saying that these drivers are not signed. Is this a problem?
    No, the modem drivers should work fine. In many cases the modem drivers can not be signed as the XP/2003/Vista certification process involves testing the drivers with dial-in to the modem, which some modem servers do not support. In other cases, the modem drivers were written before Windows XP ...
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