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When I use a VPN to connect to a network, can I use the DialOut/EZ Redirector for access to a modem server and make a PPP/Dial Up Networking call?

Although modem servers can be used over a VPN for nearly all applications, this specific configuration does not work due to an inevitable conflict in handling of the IP routing table:
  1. The redirector needs to be able to connect continuously to the modem server.
  2. PPP/DUN connections disrupt this connection when they change the default route.
  3. The redirector must adjust the routing table to maintain a connection to the modem server.
  4. VPN software does not permit adjustments of the routing table, for security reasons.
Other types of dial-out applications are not susceptible to this problem and operate successfully with modem servers over a VPN.

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25th of August, 2009

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