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After loading your redirector, my machine crashed with a blue screen. What should I do?

First make sure that you are using the latest version of our products, which can be downloaded from our web site. 

There are two known blue screen issues caused by third party software when our product is installed:

1.  People running Symantec or Norton Client Security products may see a blue screen in SYMTDI.SYS.  

We have been working with Symantec on this issue and our latest release (version 4.7) fixes this problem.  You can download version 4.7 from the Downloads section on our web site.

2.  There has been a report of a crash caused by e1000325.sys, which is Intel's Pro/1000 network adapter.  It is currently unknown if there is a newer version of the driver that corrects this issue.  Anyone seeing this problem is urged to open a case with Intel, as well as Tactical Software.

Any blue screen crashes should be reported at once to Tactical Software's support team, so it can be either corrected in our code or sent to the proper 3rd party for analysis.

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