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Are your products IPv6 compliant?

All versions of Microsoft Windows which support IPv6 are "dual stack", meaning they can operate in both IPv6 and IPv4 networks.

Tactical Software has successfully tested its product line in a variety of network environments and Windows versions which include both IPv6 and IPv4 addressing.

Tactical Software's product line is almost exclusively deployed in environments which interacts with devices that support IPv4-only.  Many of these devices are legacy systems which will never support IPv6.  The few devices that support IPv6, do so in addition to IPv4, maintaining backward compatibility.

Any customer upgrading their network to be IPv6-compliant will not encounter any issues with Tactical's products, as IPv4 connectivity will still be needed for many other devices and software on the network. 

While the updating to a IPv6-based network is mandated or needed in some cases, these networks will be required to also support IPv4 for the foreseeable future.  Until the last device and piece of software that requires IPv4 is removed from a network (including any external devices/systems that interact with it), there will be a need for the network to support IPv4 in addition to IPv6.

Therefore, Tactical Software will not be incorporating direct support for connecting to network endpoints using IPv6 addresses this year and has decided to continue using IPv4 in its products through the end of 2014.  Our products will continue to require that network endpoints be specified using IPv4 addresses, or hostnames which resolve to IPv4 addresses.

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