Applications in Industrial Automation:


System profile

field devices
1 to 1,000+ PLCs / RTUs
Located in facility or at remote locations
device access
Serial servers cabled to serial ports on field devices
Integrated network interfaces
Supervisory station software handling communication with field devices
Using Serial/IP
  • The supervisory application is reconfigured to use the virtual COM ports provided by the Serial/IP Redirector.
  • When the application opens a virtual COM port, Serial/IP initiates a network connection to a specific networked PLC/RTU.
Key Results
  • The existing supervisory application software is unchanged.
  • The application can access field devices in a wide range of locations, depending on the networks employed.
  • Legacy field devices with serial interfaces can be integrated using serial servers or cell modems from any manufacturer that supports public protocols.
Supervisory Application
|   |   |   |   |   |   |
   Serial/IP Virtual COM Ports  
Local Network, Private Network,
VPN, Wireless Data Service
Serial Servers, Cell Modems
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PLC / RTU Field Devices
 Industrial Automation
 Networks / IT Services