Applications in Networks / IT Services:
Out-of-Band Management


System profile

field devices
Router/server console serial ports with modems attached
Server remote management interface cards with integral modems
device access
Modem calls to the modems on field devices
Remote control host software
Terminal programs
Network equipment management software
Using DialOut/EZ
  • The host application is reconfigured to use Windows modem devices installed on the virtual COM ports provided by the DialOut/EZ Redirector.
  • Alternatively, the host program may use the virtual COM ports directly.
  • When the application makes a modem call, DialOut/EZ obtains an available modem on a modem server located on the local network.
Key Results
  • The modem connection can be used for interactive access, firmware updates, diagnostics — all without depending on a functioning network at the remote location.
  • Security concerns related to the remote network are avoided, because that network is not used.
  • Multiple users of the host application can each initiate multiple sessions and share the total capacity of the modem server.
  • Multiple modem servers can be configured for failover to increase reliability of modem resources.
Remote Management Apps
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   DialOut/EZ Virtual COM Ports  
Local Area Network
Modem Server
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Modems on Remote Console Ports,
Remote Management Cards
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