Applications in Utilities:
Automated Meter Reading with Modems

field devices
1,000 to 80,000+ electricity/gas/water meters at commercial sites
Located in multiple countries/regions
device access
24 to 800+ digital modems across multiple modem servers
dial-out modem servers at main and backup sites
modem servers
dedicated dial-out modem appliances
TacServe on Windows-based servers
Meter data collection/reporting software, including:
Itron MV-90
Landis+Gyr MDW Converge Center
Elster Metering Application Server

Using DialOut/EZ

  • The automated meter reading (AMR) application is reconfigured to use the virtual COM ports provided by the DialOut/EZ Redirector.
  • When the AMR application opens a virtual COM port, DialOut/EZ initiates a network connection to a modem server and gains access to the next available modem.
  • The AMR application uses the modem in the same way as it would use a local modem.

Key Benefits

  • The existing application is unchanged.
  • Modems and their telephones lines are physically separated from the servers running the AMR application software.
  • Multiple modem servers can be configured for failover to increase reliability of modem resources.
  • The AMR application software and modem servers are separately scalable to handle large populations of meters.
AMR Application
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   DialOut/EZ Virtual COM Ports  
Local Area Network
Modem Servers
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Modems on Electricity/Gas Meters
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