DialOut/EZ Redirector Site Edition
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Please Note

  • This form requires a valid Tactical Software version 4 license key.
  • This form requires a site license key and the corresponding IP address of the server that runs the Tactical Software License Manager.
  • The current version of the DialOut/EZ Site Edition Redirector requires a version 4.5 (or later) License Manager. If you are using a pre-4.5 version License Manager, you must upgrade it before upgrading the Redirector.

License key

Must be a Tactical Software version 4 license key
Enter as: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx (dashes are optional)

  DialOut/EZ Site Edition ONLY

IP address of server
running license manager

Must correspond to the license key above
Enter as: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx


File Format

.exe — installer program
.zip — ZIP file containing the installer program
.msi — Windows Installer package