Monitoring and Recording Sessions

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Monitoring and Recording Sessions

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Viewing Active TacServe Sessions


Click TacServe COM Port Server to open the TacServe Tool window.  For each session, the details panel will show the User Name (if one is required), the IP address of the client computer, and the Connection Time of the session.


Click on any column header to sort that column display.  Clicking again will invert the sort order.  To change the rate of automatic updates, in the Action menu, click Refresh Speed: Fast (1 second), Normal (5 seconds), Slow (10 seconds), Manual (automatic updates disabled).


To force an update at any time, in the Action menu, click Refresh.  To write the current display data to a file, in the Action menu, click Export List.


The columns that appear in the details panel may be customized using the Add/Remove Columns command in the View menu.



Viewing active connections in TacServe



Using the Trace Window


Trace data is extremely useful in diagnosing a problem with an application, as it shows all of the data and events on each COM port.  It should be disabled for normal operation.  The impact of tracing on system performance and memory depends on the number of ports being traced.


In the Action menu, click Trace.  The Trace window will appear.  The following options may be selected:


Enable Trace starts and stops tracing.
Hex Display shows the trace data in binary/hex form.
Auto Scroll causes the display to scroll to the most recent data.
Always on Top keeps this window on top of other application windows.
The Clear button clears the trace data buffers and the display.


To save trace data to a file, in the File menu, click Save As.  Choose a file name for the copy of the trace data buffer.


To view previously saved trace data, in the File menu, click Open.  Select a file with the extension .tslog.


To move a text representation of all trace data to another application, in the Edit menu, click Copy.  In the other application, Paste from the Windows clipboard.


To send trace data to the system debug channel, in the Trace Options menu, click System Debug Output.  Select the Send trace data to system debug channel checkbox.  Optionally, enter a label to appear with the debug channel data emitted by TacServe.



The TacServe Trace window



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