Exporting Tactical Licenses



All Tactical Software products contain encryption software and are subject to the export laws of the United States and other countries pertaining to software products in general and encryption software products specifically.

By downloading any Tactical Software product, you are certifying that you are not under the control of, a national of, or a resident of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria or any country to which the laws and regulations of the United States prohibits the export of encryption software.  You are also certifying that you or any entity receiving the downloaded software are not on any list issued by the U.S. government of prohibited persons or entities, including the Denied Persons List and the list of Specially Designated Nationals, and that you will not export or re-export the downloaded software to any such person or entity.  You are also certifying that you will comply with all applicable export laws of the United States and other countries.

Tactical Software reserves the right to withhold software or License Keys to any party for which Tactical Software questions compliance or the ability to comply with export laws.  Parties intending to use Tactical Software products with encryption may be subject to additional information requirements and screening procedures by Tactical Software or other entities involved in the transfer of Tactical Software products or License Keys.

For ECCN, CCATS or other information regarding export of Tactical Software products, contact our sales department.