Technical Support



Converting a Delivery License Key

When you purchase a DialOut/EZ Site Licenses you receive a special "delivery key" that you must convert to the permanent license key using the Convert Delivery License Key form.

Note: DialOut/EZ Site license keys are matched to the IP address of the computer you use to run the DialOut/EZ License Manager.

Moving a Site License Key

If you need to move the DialOut/EZ License Manager to another computer, you must obtain a replacement site license key using Move to New License Server.


Tactical Software Support and Updates

If you are using version 4 license or trial software obtained from Tactical or a reseller, Tactical provides:

  • Free updates to new version 4.x Tactical Software product releases
  • Free technical support for installation and configuration of Tactical products

Tactical support and update services do not require registration, web site login or a fee.

Support Request Form


If you did not purchase your license key from Tactical
or a Tactical reseller

For a Tactical Software product that was provided to you by an integrator as part of a system or other product, it is very important for you to contact the supplier directly for assistance. Do not download and install Tactical Software product updates without consulting your supplier.

If you are using a Tactical Software product that was included with serial server, modem server or other equipment, product updates downloaded from the Tactical web site may not work with your equipment.  Use the instructions included with the equipment to obtain technical support and software updates.