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Unattended Installation: Packaging and Command Line Options

Tactical products supporting unattended installs have numerous options available to them, in two basic categories, MSIEXEC command line options and Install-kit property overrides. These options work with both the EXE and MSI files.

The following MSIEXEC command line options can be used:

Option Description
/q Quiet installation.  No messages are displayed whatsoever.  In most cases must be accompanied by property overrides to supply information normally gathered by the installation’s GUI.  Used for unattended installs.
/qb “Basic” UI.  Shows basic installation progress dialogs, but the user is given no opportunity to configure how the installation is performed.  Again, usually must be accompanied by property overrides.
/x Remove the product from the system, if installed.

In addition to command line options, the value of installation “properties” can be overridden on the command line using a “name=value” syntax.  For example, to specify an alternate directory for the installation, the PRODUCTDIRECTORY property must be overridden as shown below (on one line):

SerialIP497.exe PRODUCTDIRECTORY="c:\tactical"

The following table lists the properties supported:

Property Name Description
USERNAME Name of the licensed end-user, will be presented in the About Box of the product after installation.
COMPANYNAME Name of the company, will be presented in the About Box of the product after installation.
LICENSEKEY License Key to use for this installation.  Not used for Site Edition clients.  Must be used with the Seat Edition.
LICENSEMGR Hostname or IP Address of the License Manager. Not used for Seat Edition clients.  Must be used with the Site Edition.
PRODUCTDIRECTORY Location to install the product files on the target system.  This specifies a root directory for the installation with the default root at “C:\Program Files\Tactical Software”.  The product’s files are installed in a subdirectory of the root directory, with the name of the subdirectory not being configurable.  Using PRODUCTDIRECTORY="c:\tactical” for DialOut/EZ, would cause the product files will be installed to ”c:\tactical\DialOutEZ”.
ADDLOCAL Specifies a comma-separated list of features to be installed.  No spaces are allowed between features (just the comma).  See more information below.
TSINSTALLMODE Must be set to “NOLOGIN” if the install kit is to be installed while no user is logged in (this is one of the SMS install options).  Would typically be used with /q, and causes the installer to (a) not launch the System Tray, and (b) defer launching the Control Panel until the next user login.
CONFIGSNAPSHOT Configuration Snapshot file to apply during installation.  See Configuration Snapshots Tech Note for more information.

LICENSEKEY must be specified when installing the Seat Edition of DialOut/EZ, Serial/IP or COM/IP. 

LICENSEMGR must be specified when installing the Site Edition of DialOut/EZ.

The property names are case-sensitive, so the above properties must be in all-uppercase when specified on the command line.  Also, the properties are not applicable to the entire product line:

  • The License Managers only support the PRODUCTDIRECTORY option.
  • TacServe supports only the LICENSEKEY and PRODUCTDIRECTORY options.
  • The Site Edition clients do not support USERNAME and COMPANYNAME options.

The ADDLOCAL property allows the end-user to configure which features are to be installed.  For the client products, there is one optional feature: Administrator-Only Mode.  By default, the install kits do not install the Administrator-Only Mode.  To install only the product for DialOut/EZ, specify the following (on one line):


To install the product with Administrator-Only Mode, specify the following (on one line):


The following table enumerates the complete list of feature names that may be specified for ADDLOCAL:

Install Kit Main Product Administrator-Only Mode
DialOut/EZ DialOutEZ DialOutEZAOM
Serial/IP SerialIP SerialIPAOM