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Unattended Installation: Upgrades of Pre-4.2 Versions

Version 4.2 is the first version based on the latest Windows Installer technology. The install kit performs additional steps that detect and uninstall pre-4.2 versions of the product.  Once a pre-4.2 version is detected, the uninstall is accomplished by running the uninstall program supplied by the pre-4.2 version.  There are some differences when an upgrade occurs from a pre-4.2 version to a 4.2-or-later version.

The first difference is that privilege elevation cannot be used when running the uninstall program for the pre-4.2 version.  Administrator privileges will therefore be required when upgrading from pre-4.2 releases.  This is the same situation that existed prior to version 4.2, when Administrator privileges were required for all install/uninstall operations.

The second difference is variations in how uninstall procedures worked in earlier versions of the product.  Some of the uninstall procedures were able to be run silently and therefore are compatible with the Windows Installer feature of silent installation.  Other products contained uninstall procedures that always present one or more dialog boxes in order to complete the removal, and therefore a silent upgrade is not possible when those products are installed.  The table below summarizes the products/versions that can be silently upgraded, by showing if the uninstall will be prompted or not:

Redirectors License Managers TacServe
1.x Prompted N/A N/A
2.x Prompted Prompted Prompted
3.x Silent Prompted Prompted
4.x Silent Prompted Prompted