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VMware Ready: What It Is and What It Means to You    VMware Ready

VMware and Tactical Software

VMware Ready designates VMware’s highest level of endorsement for products created by their established partners (Technology Alliance Partners). VMware Technology Alliance Partner members develop their products to meet VMware standards and submit them for test and review. Products that meet VMware Ready requirements will display the VMware Ready logo.

VMware Ready Product Categories defines specific criteria that a qualifying product must meet. These criteria include the proper use of VMware-supplied technology to allow partners to integrate their products with core VMware features and capabilities. This creates a complete product offering that provides functionality not otherwise available. VMware Ready products can do more, and they’re built to the standards for reliability that VMware customers expect. VMware Ready products should always be on the short list when evaluating technology.

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Tactical Software Products within the VMware environment

Tactical Software redirectors rigorously adhere to Windows standards and have been optimized for compatibility with all Windows operating systems from Windows 95 to the latest 64-bit editions of Windows 10. It is essential that virtual environments, such as VMware, be as transparent as possible to facilitate migration of applications and system architectures.  Because of this requirement and our focus on supporting virtual environments, Tactical Software products work in virtual environments identically to the way they work on dedicated PC hardware.

Given the nature of a virtual environment, there is no dedicated hardware to ensure physical COM ports or serial ports are available.  Applications that need to communicate via TCP/IP over wired or wireless networks typically require a COM port to either access a modem (for a dial-based communication) or a serial cable.  Tactical Software’s COM port redirectors create the virtual COM port and redirect the data to either a modem server to dial out or a network-enabled end point for direct serial communication.  Using our virtual serial ports/COM ports enables a broader range of applications to migrate to the virtual environment with no application changes.

A caveat to be aware of when migrating a dial-based application is that the local (or host’s) modem may not be available from the virtual server.  This is addressed with Tactical’s TacServe product that turns a PC into a modem server, see the TacServe product page.

If you have any questions about Tactical’s software products and how you can use them in your VMware environment, please contact us at appeng@TacticalSoftware.com.