The Serial/IP® COM Port Redirector

Use serial devices on TCP/IP networks through Serial/IP virtual COM ports that work like local COM ports.

On the client computer running Serial/IP
1. Add virtual COM ports using the Serial/IP Control Panel and configure them to use your serial server.
2. Application uses Serial/IP virtual COM ports instead of local physical COM ports.
3. Application opens, reads and writes virtual COM ports using the standard COM port API.
4. The Serial/IP Redirector automatically makes TCP/IP connections to the serial server and relays the virtual COM port data stream and control actions.
At the remote location
1. Serial server accepts connections from Serial/IP, then converts and relays the data stream and control signals to the server's serial ports.
2. Wireless modems can be used instead of serial servers.
3. Field equipment gets the data stream through serial cables or direct hardware integration.
Extensive Platform Support  Scalable, Fast, Flexible  Works with your choice of
TCP/IP Serial Servers
Easy to Configure  Transparent to Applications  Secure       Deployable

        VMware         Amazon Web Services

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