Using DialOut/EZ with Modem Servers / Pools

Guidelines for applications using DialOut/EZ virtual COM ports
to access modem servers and shared modem pools

Virtual COM ports access modem servers/shared modem pools
The client computer
Windows 10/8/7/2012/2008/Vista/2003/XP/2000, 32 and 64-bit versions, single and multi-user, native and virtual environments
Your application continues to use Windows modem devices or virtual COM ports to reach modems directly
The DialOut/EZ Redirector
Kernel-level device driver, no service overhead, always available
High-performance data path entirely at kernel level
Connects to modem server when virtual COM port is opened
Detects and automatically responds to modem server login prompts
Can also accept inbound modem calls (COM/IP may be required)
The network connection
Firewalls must allow outbound connections to IP addresses and port numbers used by modem servers
Site licenses require outbound packets on port 2392
The modem server / modem pool
Can be any model/manufacturer that uses public TCP/IP protocols
To create a full-featured PC-based modem server with encryption and bundled DialOut/EZ license, use the TacServe software package
Relays modem commands and data between a specified TCP port and a corresponding modem or next available modem
Support for RFC 2217 COM Port Control Protocol is required for correct function of Class 2/2.0 fax programs and many other applications

Applications using the DialOut/EZ Redirector

electricity/gas meters automated meter reading
substation management monitoring, control
flow/pressure meters data collection
oil/gas field equipment data collection
wind turbines monitoring, control
data centers, networks  
routers, firewalls console access, out-of-band management
servers console access, remote control
power systems monitoring, control
billing, insurance, pharmacy non-Internet medical data access and transfer
financial services  
trade reporting data collection/submission
transactions secure point-to-point networking
retail / POS  
kiosks, gaming machines data upload/download, software updates
stripe readers transaction data feeds
traffic recorders data collection
variable message signs text upload, control
road condition sensors data collection
tank gauges, pumps fuel asset management
 Industrial Automation
 Networks / IT Services