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When using the DialOut/EZ redirector, is there a way to hear the modem sounds during the negotiation of the connection?

When I use a VPN to connect to a network, can I use the DialOut/EZ Redirector for access to a modem server and make a PPP/Dial Up Networking call?

Can I make VPN connections using a modem on a modem server?

Installation and Platforms

Can the redirector software be moved to another PC?

What are the differences between Serial/IP and COM/IP?

Are Tactical's products supported on VMware?

Do Tactical Software products require a user login to function?

Where do I find the license key in your products?

What should be done if the license key is not accepted?

What can cause issues during setup and configuration of Tactical Software products?

Can Tactical Software products be installed without any user intervention?

Are Tactical Software products IPv6 compliant?

Can the COM/IP Redirector be used with a serial device server?

If the License Manager is placed behind a firewall, what are the issues to be aware of?

The modem driver installation says the drivers are not signed. Is this an issue?

Can DialOut/EZ and a modem server be used for fax applications?

Can DialOut/EZ be used for a dial-in application?

Modem Servers

What make and model of modems work with TacServe?

Which hardware modem servers are compatible with DialOut/EZ?

Now that Cisco no longer supports modems, what modem server is recommended?

What are the guidelines for configuring a Cisco server to be a modem server?


Why do the Tactical COM ports not appear in the Windows Device Manager?

What is a Trace Log (and how to create one)?

Why aren't certain COM ports available for redirection?

Connections only last a minute and the DialOut/EZ Redirector Trace Logs show a "Site auth failed". What is happening?

Is there a way to prevent faxing issues, such as corrupted characters, lines disappearing, or missing pages?

Why does using a hostname to specify a device server or license server fail?

When using the DialOut/EZ redirector, the call doesn't complete, but the same call works with a local modem. What should be checked?

How are Dr. Watson, Blue Screens, or Driver not found/started issues handled?

Serial Servers

Which serial-to-Ethernet servers are compatible with Serial/IP?

Which serial servers support control signals?

What wireless modems are compatible with COM/IP or Serial/IP?

Tech Notes

General Notes

System Considerations for High Port Counts

Logging COM Port Activity to a File

Troubleshooting Redirectors as "Software Cables"

The COM Port Control Protocol RFC 2217

Tactical Products and Firewalls

No use of Log4j in Tactical Software Products

Serial/IP Notes

The ActiveX API for the Serial/IP Redirector

DialOut/EZ Notes

Troubleshooting a "NO CARRIER" Condition

Application Compatibility Options

Using the DialOut/EZ Redirector on a Multi-User Operating System

Automatic Failover to Backup Modem Servers and License Managers

Moving the DialOut/EZ License Manager to a Different Server

Unattended Installation

Unattended Installation: Overview

Unattended Installation: Packaging and Command Line Options

Unattended Installation: Configuration Snapshots

Unattended Installation: Differences Between MSI and EXE Files

Unattended Installation: Upgrades of Pre-4.2 Versions