Product FAQ

What are the feature differences of the Tactical Software redirectors?

Please refer to this feature comparison.

What is the lifecycle plan for Tactical Software redirectors?

Tactical Software released its current version 4.10 software in 2019. This version has not exhibited defects in function, performance or reliability.

The stability of version 4.10 reflects its driver architecture, which uses stable low-level APIs in the Windows operating system. These APIs and related Windows facilities have remained consistent since 2004 and appear to be unlikely to change in future versions of Windows.

Version 4.10 is the final release of the Tactical Software product line. 

Tactical Software technical support is provided for the following Intel-based platforms:

Windows Server 2022 until the end of Microsoft Mainstream Support (Fixed Lifecycle Policy)

Windows 11 Home and Pro until the Microsoft retirement date (Modern Lifecycle Policy)

Tactical Software licenses do not preclude unsupported use on later versions of Windows, at the user's discretion and risk.

Questions may be directed to our sales contact form or addressed to

How do I update to version 4.10?

Download links are provided at:

Serial/IP installer

COM/IP installer

DialOut/EZ installer

DialOut/EZ Site Edition installer

TacServe installer

These installers may be run over existing installations and will preserve the license key and all settings.