Licensing FAQ

Is a copy of the End User License Agreement available online?

Yes, click here for the Tactical Software EULA.

Are site or OEM licenses available?

When warranted by license quantities or integration requirements, we offer pricing for sites or reported quantities shipped.  Please contact us to discuss.

Can I increase the active port capacity of a license?

Capacity upgrades may be available for qualified license keys. Please contact us for more information.

What can I do if I purchased the incorrect Tactical redirector?

It is not necessary to change your purchase.  A license key for one of the Tactical redirectors can be used with another Tactical redirector instead.

After you have installed and tested the 30-day trial of the correct redirector, uninstall the original redirector and enter its license key into the new redirector.

Please note that using the same license key in two redirectors will cause them to be disabled.

License Conflicts

A "license conflict" notification from a Tactical Software product indicates that it is unable to use its license key because it is already in use on another computer.

When a license conflict condition occurs, all installations of the Tactical products using the same license key suspend function until the conflict is resolved by entering a unique license key for each installation.

If entering a unique license key for each Tactical product does not resolve your license conflict, please contact us for assistance.

How can I move a DialOut/EZ site license manager to another server?

You may begin this process by visiting Change Site License Server.