Applications in Utilities:
Automated Meter Reading via Wireless Mesh

field devices
200+ electricity meters with wireless network adapters
Placed in remote locations and sites with difficult access
device access
Mesh radio system
Wireless data services
Meter data collection/reporting software

Using Serial/IP

  • The automated meter reading (AMR) application is reconfigured to use the virtual COM ports provided by the Serial/IP Redirector.
  • When the AMR application opens a virtual COM port, Serial/IP initiates a network connection that reaches a specific field unit.
  • The AMR application accesses the electricity meter as if it was locally connected with a serial cable.

Key Results

  • The existing application is unchanged and continues to use serial devices that appear on virtual COM ports.
  • Telephone service costs and modem equipment are eliminated.
  • The system can be significantly expanded without design changes.
AMR Application
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   Serial/IP Virtual COM Ports  
Mesh Radio / Wireless Data Service
Radio/Cell Adapters
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Electricity Meters at Field Locations
 Industrial Automation
 Networks / IT Services