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Substation Management


System profile

field devices
500+ control/monitoring/protection devices, relays
80+ substations
device access
Serial servers cabled to serial ports on field devices
Integrated network interfaces
Substation management software at central locations, including:
Aclara TWACS
Using Serial/IP
  • The substation management application is reconfigured to use the virtual COM ports provided by the Serial/IP Redirector.
  • When the application opens a virtual COM port, Serial/IP initiates a network connection to a specific device on a serial server.
Key Results
  • The existing application is used unchanged.
  • The application reaches field equipment at any substation on the network, potentially scaling to thousands of devices.
  • Serial servers at substations can be sourced from any manufacturer that uses public protocols.
Substation Management App
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   Serial/IP Virtual COM Ports  
Local Network, Private Network,
VPN, Wireless Data Service
Serial Servers
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Field Equipment Serial Ports
 Industrial Automation
 Networks / IT Services