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The ActiveX API for the Serial/IP Redirector

An API for Run-time Reconfiguration

Beginning in version 4.4 of the Serial/IP Redirector, a Component-Object-Model (COM)-based API allows external programs and scripts to change all aspects of the Serial/IP configuration.

Using the ActiveX API, your application can make any Serial/IP configuration change that you could make manually in the Serial/IP Control Panel, including:

  • Add and remove Serial/IP virtual COM ports

  • Change the setting for any option on any Serial/IP virtual COM port
  • Change any Serial/IP setting in the global options, proxy server support and SSL/TLS encryption (if used)

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Technical Overview

The API exports a single top-level object TacticalSoftware.SerialIPRedirector which implements the ITSRedirectorConfiguration interface. This object contains sub-objects which are accessible as properties.

The following VBScript example creates a single Serial/IP virtual COM port and configures it:

        Dim SerialIP
        Dim SerialPort
        Set SerialIP = CreateObject(“TacticalSoftware.SerialIPRedirector”)
        Set SerialPort = SerialIP.Ports(“COM5”)

        ‘ Set the Address and Port
        SerialPort.ServerAddress = ""
        SerialPort.ServerPort = 7000

        ` Configure for Telnet and Prompt-On-Port-Open Authentication
        SerialPort.TelnetProtocol = TSTelnet
        SerialPort.UserAuthentication = TSAuth_PromptAtPortOpen

        ` Turn on Connection Restore
        SerialPort.RestoreFailedConnections = TRUE