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Logging COM Port Activity to a File

Tactical Redirectors starting with version 4.6 are able to send Trace Log information to a third-party debug application in order to capture large logs that would normally fill the Trace Log buffer.  This feature can also be used to simply capture COM port activity or log it directly to a file.

The third-party debug application is called DebugView, which is a free application that allows monitoring of debug output on on a PC, or any computer on the network that can be reached via TCP/IP.  It can be used to capture the trace information emitted by Tactical Software redirectors that have been configured to send trace data to the system debug channel.

DebugView can be downloaded from:


To configure Tactical redirectors to send information to DebugView, open the Port Monitor, select the Trace tab, under the Trace Options menu select System Debug Output and check the box labeled Send trace data to system debug channel.

In DebugView, check the Capture Kernel option under the Capture menu.

DebugView can be used to send the Trace Log data directly to a file by using the File | Log to File command.  Otherwise, by default DebugView will fill its buffer with the Trace data and it can be manually saved to a file with the File | Save as command.

If large amounts of data are running through the Tactical redirectors at your site, make sure that you have enough disk storage space if you are planning on writing the logs directly to a file.