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Unattended Installation: Configuration Snapshots


The Tactical installer supports unattended installs via “Configuration Snapshots” in conjunction with the command line options, to perform the configuration of the redirector based on an existing setup. A Configuration Snapshot is a .CFG file that contains the information about the configuration of the product, including:

  • The list of redirected COM ports (i.e., COM5, COM6, COM10, COM11)
  • Proxy settings
  • SSL/TLS settings
  • Misc settings
  • Preset.txt file (if present)
  • IP Address and TCP port number of server
  • Telnet options
  • Authentication options
  • COM port options

The License Key or License Manager settings are not present in a configuration snapshot, and must be specified on the Windows Installer command line as necessary during the installation.

The Configuration Snapshot Utility

You can create a configuration snapshot with the Configuration Snapshot Utility provided by Tactical Software for download here: Configuration Snapshot Utility

To use the Configuration Snapshot Utility:

  1. Install the product.
  2. Create and configure the desired COM ports on one PC.
  3. Run the Snapshot Configuration utility, which creates a .CFG file

The drop-down list contains the list of Tactical Software products currently installed on the machine. Select one of the products then click the “Save” button to save the snapshot to a .CFG file. If only one Tactical product is installed on the machine, that product is selected automatically.

Once the .CFG file is created, it can be specified on the command line to setup identical configurations during the install. For example:

DialOutEZSiteEdition497.exe /q CONFIGSNAPSHOT="c:\dz.cfg" LICENSEMGR=""  


The full path of the file must be specified, as relative paths are not supported.