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Unattended Installation: Overview

Beginning in version 4.2, all Tactical Software products have features that support unattended installation, which can simplify deployment of Tactical Software products to multiple users.  Benefits include:

  • Privilege elevation allows safe installation by non-administrative users.
  • Products can be installed or removed with a command line, with no user interaction required.
  • Install command line options can specify configuration items such as License Manager location.
  • An existing configuration can be captured and those settings re-used automatically in additional installs.

The following five Tech Notes should be read if you wish to use the unattended install features of our products. These notes describe the options available for command line installations, rolling out pre-configured clients, and important notices and things to consider before attempting an unattended install.

  • Packaging and Command Line Options show the command line options and install kit property overrides.
  • Configuration Snapshots describes how to use the Tactical Software Configuration Snapshot Utility to copy the settings from one machine and use this information to install and configure the software on other PC’s.
  • Differences between MSI and EXE files describes the differences between the two file types and when to use MSI files instead of EXE files.
  • Port Selection During Install is a table that shows the outcomes of choosing a particular installation method against various COM port selections.
  • Upgrades of Pre-4.2 Versions describes uninstalling any version made before 4.2. If you already have version 4.2 or above installed, you do not need to read this tech note.